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    Portable DVD Players—Reasons to Buy them Online?

    Get a bottom price of a Portable DVD players

    Portable DVD players are the greatest source of entertainment and can make us feel even a long journey a very short one. These are very easy to take anywhere where we go! But to buy Portable DVD players online is the best way to get it on discounted rates. If you haven’t yet tried such a player yet, then you are missing some extraordinary entertainment in your tours and leisure hours.

    portable dvd players

    Today, the internet is the best and most reliable way to grab any quality item at rock bottom prices. You will find it very easy and relaxing to do purchasing of Portable DVD players on the internet without wasting the time of going to the stores and face the heavy traffic on roads. It is very simple to order your piece of DVD player just sitting in the room of your home. The online buying of these players helps you to maintain your busy schedule without forcing to adjust your programs to visit a nearby brick and mortar store.portable dvd players

    Basically, the main reason for getting the product in discounted rate on the internet is just because of no expenditure of maintaining big retail showrooms. The order in bulk by the showroom increases the cost of the products automatically; as all the products do not get sold at once, it takes time but the payment to the staff, bills, and other expenses do not get stopped. Therefore, to meet these expenses, the stores use to increase the prices of the product and ultimately that have to be born by the customers. So, now you must have understood why you need to pay more while buying Portable DVD players online.  So, go for online purchasing of Portable DVD players now and save yourself some good amount of money.

    Online purchasing of Portable DVD players also makes you comfy in the name of shipment of the product to your home. This happens just because many of the online stores have their own warehouse and so the cost of the transportation is not included in the price. Many people prefer online purchasing because of the main reason that on retails stores they use to get lesser varieties of the products in the display. But in the online mode, they are able to see almost all the models of the Portable DVD players.

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    Panasonic DVD-LS92 9-Inch Screen Portable DVD PlayerRCA DRC6331B Portable DVD Player with 10-Inch LCD ScreenAudiovox DS9106PK 9-Inch LCD Swivel Display Portable DVD Player with Six Hour Playback and Accessory Pack, Black

    Buy your Portable DVD Players online Now


    Coby MP977-8G 7-Inch 8GB HD Video Player with HDMI Reviews

    Coby is an electronics company founded by a Korean named Young Dong Lee but has its headquarters in the United States.  It continues to establish its name in the consumer electronics industry, with its main focus being on electronic devices and appliances that provide information and entertainment for its users, i.e. televisions, stereos, tablets, and digital camera recorders plus corresponding accessories.  It also has a line of personal high definition video players, including the Coby MP977.  A check of Coby MP977-8G 7-Inch 8GB HD Video Player with HDMI reviews shows that it has received fairly positive reactions from private consumers.

    Coby MP977-8G 7 Inch 8GB HD Video Player with HDMI - BlackWith an LCD screen measuring seven inches and weighing a little over eleven ounces, this high definition video player can play different video formats in 1080p.  One can also choose to connect it to a television cable and enjoy HDTV shows and programs to their heart’s content.  Aside from videos, the Coby MP977 can also play audio files that allow one to listen to their favorite songs in several formats.  A number of reviews make mention of the aforementioned features as being one of the reasons they bought their own units.

    Coby MP977-8G 7 Inch 8GB HD Video Player with HDMI – Black

    This particular high definition video player is also cheaper than a lot of others with similar features that are currently in the market.  This is yet another reason that a lot of Coby MP977 reviews have been positive.  Some consumers have even chosen to purchase the unit specifically for their children, especially when taking long car trips or during vacations away from home.  Because a child’s favorite movies or TV shows can be transferred through a USB cable or stored in a memory card, this is a suitable gadget to have on hand.

    It bears pointing out, however, that not all the reviews have been positive.  There are quite a few consumers that ended up disappointed with the video and audio quality they experienced once they began using the device.  There were also those that were not happy with the battery life of the built-in battery, needing to recharge it constantly, something that proved to be cumbersome for those who were on extremely long trips and were hoping for their hours to be filled with some form of entertainment that they could actually enjoy.

    Though it may not have a more familiar brand name attached to it, this high definition video player seems to be an adequate enough choice for those who want to be able to have a personal video and audio player without having to spend too much money on it. There are enough Coby MP977  reviews that speak of its ability to play nearly all of the video formats that are currently being used.  The fact that there are some online sellers offering it for less than a hundred dollars is an added incentive too.

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    How to pick the best DVD Portable Player for car

    Read this before buying your own DVD Portable Player

    Audiovox DS9106PK 9-Inch LCD Swivel Display Portable DVD Player with Six Hour Playback and Accessory Pack, BlackIf you are planning to buy one of the DVD portable player for your car or simply car DVD player, you will discover many options on the market. All of them have their unique advantages and possible disadvantages, so you have to do a bit of research to find the one that will suit your needs. Continue reading to find out how to pick the best DVD portable player for car.

    Audiovox DS9106PK 9-Inch LCD Swivel Display Portable DVD Player with Six Hour Playback and Accessory Pack, BlackDVD Portable Player

    Different Options of DVD Portable Player

    The first one we will look at is the dual screen DVD Players which can be mounted to the back of the front seat and will be excellent choice for passengers at the back. These devices come with built-in player in just one of the 2 sections, while the second screen functions as a detached receiver to collect signals from the IR transmitter. Users will have their own input jacks for headphone and speakers to have a reasonable amount of power while viewing, but there will be fighting for the single remote control.

    Sales! Nextbase 10.1Next, there is the tablet DVD player or tablet portable DVD player which is simply and cannot fold. You can envision a tablet PC versus a laptop, because it’s basically the same with a layout that is modified. This DVD can be mounted flush up against the back seat with the door for the disc loader either at the top or one of the sides. Generally, the external speakers will be mounted flush on the surface of the player. These tablet players generally come pre-loaded with two wireless headsets.

    Sales! Nextbase 10.1″ Tablet-Style Portable DVD Player ALL-REGION, 100v – 240v, Play ANYWHERE, Headrest Mounts IncludedDVD Portable Player

    You can find the in-dash DVD portable player in several designs. This can be with or without a viewing screen, but in either case this would be one of the most customized choices. You need a console with a big opening console as well as reasonably space in the passenger section to install the model with a screen. Whenever it’s not in use, normally the screen would be 5 – 7 inches in width if fold into the device itself. This player will have the dash units identified with a double or single din label. Basically, the double din would be 4 inches in height and a single one would be 2 inches in height.

    RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players - play two different DVDs!

    RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players – play two different DVDs!DVD Portable Player

    The final DVD portable player for car that you could consider would be the flip down portable unit with a screen that extends from the roof and connected to the in-dash unit through a built-in Bluetooth or IR transmitter. With this, you could go for full functioning with all-in-one roof mounting that will add a DVD, FM transmitter, game console and a TV Tuner. This is the preferred choice for most families and they are generally mounted for viewing and gaming from the back seat.

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    Philips PD7012/37 7-Inch LCD Dual Screen Portable DVD Player, BlackXO Vision GX2148 9-Inch Wide Screen Overhead Monitor with Built-in DVD Player, USB and SD Card Inputs, and FM TransmitterNew Pair BLACK Headrest with 7


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